Now that my pregnancy is over, I am able to look back and realize how much time I wasted complaining and worrying. I also see now that I should have allowed people to help me more while I was pregnant instead of trying to do everything myself. I made a lot of mistakes during those nine months of my life. Here’s three things I wish I’d done differently.

I Didn’t Enjoy My Pregnancy Enough. Looking back, I wish I’d enjoyed being pregnant more than I did. Instead, I spent a lot of time complaining that my back hurt, my feet ached, I was tired. I rarely stopped to appreciate how amazing it was that I was growing a real, live human being in my belly! I do recall one specific night when my husband and I lay in bed for about an hour with our hands both planted on my stomach, giggling as our baby kicked away. I’d like to have more memories of those types of moments. It truly is over before you know it!

I Didn’t Allow People to Help Me. As a do it all myself kind of gal, I didn’t accept the help that was offered to me by family and friends while I was pregnant. Instead, I often overdid it to the point that my husband would force me to sit down and take a break. One time I insisted on cleaning our entire house top to bottom for company we were expecting. I tired myself out to the extreme that I had to lay down on the floor in our foyer with the vacuum running so that I could catch my breath. Not good. I wish I’d allowed my husband to help me clean as he’d offered instead of trying to do everything myself. Overall, I should have accepted help from neighbors and friends during those nine months; it would have made my life a lot easier!

I Worried Too Much About My Pregnancy. If I could offer any advice to my pregnant self now that it’s all over, I would say, “Don’t worry so much!” I spent a lot of time fretting that something would go wrong with my baby. Sure, a reasonable amount of worry is normal for any first time mom, but I allowed my anxieties to control me too often. I recall going into a tizzy one night because I didn’t have heartburn as usual…something had to be wrong! I know now that pregnancy is a precious time, meant to be cherished. I should have focused more on the joys of pregnancy and not the “what-if’s.”