Around the time that I was 7 months pregnant with our second daughter, we moved across the country. I’ve heard that moving can be one of the most stressful events in one’s life, and it is my opinion that being weeks away from having a baby does not exactly put a woman in a Zen state either! While I wouldn’t wish relocation during the third trimester on my worst enemy, I did survive! Here’s how.

I planned ahead. Between unpacking boxes and preparing for our baby’s arrival, I had my plate full around the time that I was 7 months pregnant. With so many items to check off on my to-do list, I had to prioritize. My goal was to have everyone and everything settled by the time the baby was due. On the weekends my husband helped me rearrange furniture (okay, so I changed my mind a few million times). Once the house resembled a home, I was able to focus on smaller jobs like putting together our baby swing, and washing baby laundry. Weeks ahead of my due date I was twiddling my thumbs looking for more things to organize or clean. Due to my obsessive planning, I was ready for our baby’s arrival!

I de-stressed with exercise. Given the fact that I was belly high in boxes and entertaining and caring for a toddler at 7 months pregnant, let’s just say that my stress level was high at times. Oh, did I mention that my husband was still working in his old office in another state at this point, awaiting his official move to where we were already living? Exercise was my outlet for all of this stress. Daily prenatal yoga sessions and long walks with our dog gave me a break from my to-do list and allowed me to reflect on all of the changes that were taking place in my life.

I allowed myself to be stressed! Rather than deny that all of the change going on was impacting me in a major way, I let my support system help me. It was my family and friends that got me through this tough time in my life. Whether it was a meal someone brought over, or just some words of encouragement, I needed it all! By admitting that I was stressed, I got the support I needed to get settled in our new home and safely bring our sweet daughter into the world soon thereafter!