In our family, we have two very special baby naming traditions. Both have to do with choosing our daughters’ middle names. I love having these traditions in our family because they are unique to us and special in a way that only we understand. Still, I’d love to share our traditions here.

Using Our First Choice Boy Name For a Middle Name. One of the baby naming traditions we started in our family is using our first choice for a boy name as a middle name for our daughters. Since my husband and I seem to only make girls, we are left with awesome boy names and nothing to do with them. So, we decided to use them anyway! Our first daughter’s middle name is Aidyn, our favorite name should our baby be a boy. Our second daughter’s middle name is Dylan, my choice for her should she be a boy. This idea works because I tend to like unisex names; if Frank was my first choice for a boy, maybe this tradition wouldn’t work so well!

Incorporating The Letter “Y” in The Middle Name. Another tradition we decided to start in our familiy is using the letter “y” in our children’s middle names. This idea started in my family growing up, since my brother, sister and I all have middle names that begin with a “K.” I loved sharing something in common with their names and wanted to carry on this tradition in a new way with my own children. After my first daughter was born and we used a middle name that began with “A” I had wanted to pick a middle name for our second daugher that started with an “A” as well. But that didn’t work in tandem with the idea of using our first choice for a boy’s name. That’s when I recognized that both Aidyn and Dylan contained a “y” and this became our spin on sharing a letter.

I love having these special baby naming traditions in our family because they are special and unique to just our children. If we have another daughter, of course we will incorporate the same traditions in selecting her middle name. If we have a boy one day, his middle name will have to contain a “y” but I’m not sure if we will use our first choice for a girl’s name…depends on the name we have in mind. Certainly some would work better than others!