I’d like to blame it on the pregnancy hormones. On the night of my daughter’s birth, a hospital parking lot was where I lost it. The target of my unbridled anger? Sadly, it was my husband. This is the tale of a woman (me) reaching the brink of insanity moments before her induction of labor was set to begin. Her wrath left a lone man (my husband) to wander the halls of the maternity ward in search of the crazy woman (me) who fled the scene of her crime.

Nerves about my impending induction certainly played a role in how I was feeling as we drove to the hospital that night. Of course my husband’s driving didn’t help; he has a tendency to drive very slowly when we need to be somewhere and very fast when we don’t. In any event, as we neared the hospital, I could feel those nasty pregnancy hormones coursing through my veins like hot liquid. Looking back, I feel sorry for anyone who would have dared to cross me.

Sadly, my husband was unprepared for just how unstable I was feeling. The last straw was when we arrived at the hospital, and he proceeded to circle the parking lot, unable to find a spot. A second lap produced no results and that’s when I went berserk! I recall yelling something like, “I’m the one who has to deliver this baby and all you have to do is park the car!”

A second later, as my poor husband stopped the car somewhere in the packed lot to come up with a game plan, I jumped out of my seat and started on foot toward the maternity ward entrance. My husband’s pleas for me to come back fell on deaf ears. I was a woman on a mission to have a baby!

I entered the hospital, and was dismayed to discover how far the reception area was from where I’d been “dropped off.” I began to waddle down hallways, enraged that I’d been “left” to figure out this maze of a hospital on my own. By the time I reached the front desk, I was not at my most pleasant.

My husband had even less luck locating the appropriate check-in area. By the time he found me, I was already getting situated in my room. It took me a while to begin speaking to him again, but eventually I got over my anger.

Now, years later, we love to tell this story to friends and we have a great laugh. The birth of our amazing daughter brought us closer together than ever before that night, and that’s what matters. But, just hours before her entrance into the world, her mommy’s pregnancy hormones made for a harrowing adventure!