My husband and I decided to find out the gender of our baby before the birth. For us, this decision felt 100% right. There were three main reasons that we found out: we wanted to plan properly for our baby’s arrival, and we wanted to feel a stronger connection to our unborn child. Oh, and my husband hates surprises!

We Wanted to Plan Ahead. One of the reasons we decided to find out our baby’s sex before the birth is we wanted to plan ahead. I’m a planner; it’s in my nature, so I needed to go out and shop for what we’d need once our baby arrived. We considered going completely unisex in our nursery decor and layette choices, but still, I liked the idea of mentally preparing to welcome either a daughter or a son into the world.

My Husband Hates Surprises. Years ago, my husband actually called me on his way home from picking up my engagement ring to tell me exactly why he was running late. So, needless to say, he hates surprises. The decision to find out the sex of our baby was mostly his; he could convinced me to wait until the birth if he felt strongly about that option. I felt good about finding out, but my husband really needed to know for his own sanity. The though of being surprised in the delivery room was more than he could stand!

It Helped Us Feel More Connected to Our Baby. The truth is that finding out what we were having helped us to feel more connected to our unborn child. Sure, planning ahead was great and no, I don’t think my husband could have survived nine months without knowing the sex of the baby, but the best thing that came out of finding out our baby’s gender was the connection it established. Once we could say that we were expecting a baby girl, everything felt more real.

I’m glad we decided to find out about the sex of our baby. It was the right decision for us on many levels. I know couples who wait until the birth because it feels right for them. Either way, the moment you know what gender your baby is, is the most special moment of your life!