Facebook…ugh, you jerk! Why do you piss me off? Some comments just make me nuts. Like when a “friend” posts something like this: “Just worked out for the third time today!” Gee, thanks for making me feel inferior. Thanks for making my day seem like a big, fat waste of time.

Or when someone posts something political. Shut up! I don’t like your opinion. I want to scream! Don’t make me comment in a way that will jeopardize our “friendship” forever. And to the “friend” who posts TOO MUCH INFORMATION about your kid pooping on the potty, WHY??? Gross! Leave me out of it. Please!

Facebook, you are really irritating me. Obviously I am a product of my generation and I can’t exactly cancel my account. Besides, if I did, how would I know that my “friend” had such a monumentally better week in the gym than I did? How would I know to despise so many people in my life due to their poltical views? How would I stay informed of the consistency of your baby’s stool? And how would I be visually assaulted by the suggestion that I become “friends” with an ex-boyfriend, the wife of an ex-boyfriend and a girl who hates me from high school all in one moment? Facebook, I’m thinking of another word that begins with the letter “F” followed by the word “you.”