I’m introducing a new section of my blog called Poppy Seed and Me. It will chronicle my new pregnancy journey as it relates to working out. Oh, by the way I am four weeks pregnant and my baby is supposedly the size of a poppy seed, in case you were wondering about the name Also, yes, that’s right; I’m going to attempt to keep up my very committed exercise routine throughout my pregnancy. I’ll be safe of course but I will be diligent, too. No excuses…at least not too many!

During my past two pregnancies, I stopped running once my uterus necessitated its own sports bra. But this time I want it to be different. I’m looking to tap into the world of the pregnant warriors. I’m going to buy the products and read the info I need to stick with my favorite hobby other than drinking red wine: running! Clearly red wine is a no no, but if I have to give up running too, I may have to commit myself…to a mental institution.

So follow me as I embark on this new journey. In fact, I’ve already begun. At four weeks pregnant, I ran about a mile this AM. I typically run 4 at least, yes, but yesterday I had a dizzy spell that was pretty bad so right now I’m just testing out the waters, making sure I’m okay. I plan to get up tomorrow and run about 2 miles.

Then, Monday I scheduled a free trial session at a new Cross Fit gym in my area. I know Cross Fit is intense but I’m hoping they can make accommodations for my “condition.” Either that or the owner will learn I’m with child and laugh me out of there. I’ll be back to you….