Now my poppy seed is more like a fig and he or she has been making my life majorly challenge to put it nicely. As far as my exercise routine, let’s just say I can barely get off the sofa let alone run my usual 4 daily miles or commit myself to a new Cross Fit regimen. I’ve been puking and nauseous and exhausted. It is demoralizing and depressing.

As I near fig-and-methe end of my first trimester, I am hopeful things will improve. I miss jogging and desperately want to eat something other than eggs, which is the only food I can stomach right now.

For a few weeks I tried running in the hopes it would improve my nausea, but it didn’t. It usually intensified my discomfort. But, I’ve managed to sneak in some yoga sessions and workouts with light weights. The other day I was moved to tears by how good it felt to move my body. Without exercise I feel like a waste of space.

Supposedly my queasiness will ease up soon. During my other two pregnancies, by 14 weeks I felt much better. But this is not how I envisioned things going so it is hard to get past that disappointment.

Today is New Year’s Day and my running club is sponsoring a Resolution Run. I’m hopeful I will feel up to doing it. The distance is only 5k and usually I can do that in my sleep. But I’m learning that I’m not in control of my own body right now. Fig is.

Hey fig, if you are listening can mommy please make it out to run today? Work with me here, honey. Thanks. Love, mom.

Photo credit: Flickr