Tonight, poppy seed and me took advantage of a free trial at a new CrossFit gym. 5 weeks pregnant does seem like an odd time to get in on this intense fitness craze, true. But I am so committed to exercising throughout this pregnancy that I figured I’d see if CrossFit was a good fit for me and the seed.

I informed the gym owner that I was with child and she encouraged me to try the gym’s special brand of circuit training. Another member recently CrossFitted her way through her nine month gestation and snapped right back into shape postpartum. As Katie, the owner, told me, her flexing friend simply did the exercises until she couldn’t anymore. Sounded hard core, and possibly dangerous?

I’ll admit that I was reluctant to push myself that hard during my trial session. And when Katie had me do situps, I wondered it this was okay. When I got home, I did a little research about safe exercises during pregnancy.

Here’s what the Mayo Clinic has to say about a knocked up chick like me: “f you exercised regularly before pregnancy, there’s no need to focus on your heart rate for exercise during pregnancy.” Still, the reputable site cautions bump sporting broads not to exercise past the point of being able to carry on a conversation. Otherwise, uterine contractions or bleeding could occur. Yikes.

As far as the situps are concerned, I was relieved to learn from that situps during the first trimester are actually beneficial for back and core strength. Phew! During the second and third trimesters, since it is not advisable to lie on your back, an exercise ball can be utilized. I’d imagine that a big old belly could become a hindrance to core work at some point too. also advises that moderate weight lifting is okay, but I’m interested in checking with my doctor on that one.

So, it seems the exercises I performed at my CrossFit session were safe. I’d be interested in joining mainly because the experience empowered me. I felt strong, alive and in control of my body. I hate the idea that I have to be weak and fragile while pregnant. I’ve let that notion keep me from doing things during my other pregnancies. I can imagine that working out at CrossFit would help me both physically and emotionally throughout this pregnancy. I’ll keep you posted.

PS – Poppy seed is about the size of a sesame seed now!