This Thanksgiving morning, Poppy Seed and I did the turkey trot. I think I expected to have a tough time because I’m all pregnant, tired and have to pee a lot, blah, blah, blah. But guess what? I rocked it! I mean, we rocked it! I got one of my best 5k times yet (and I’ve run dozens of 5k’s) and it felt awesome. I loved the feeling of getting out there and doing what I love despite my early pregnancy symptoms.

Meanwhile, I’ve learned a lesson about pregnancy and exercise: you pay the price for pushing yourself later. I’m now sitting on the sofa exhausted, wondering how I’m going to cook Thanksgiving dinner. I’m the kind of tired that makes it hard to climb stairs. That’s the thing about being pregnant. You always pay the price for doing a lot.

Still, I’m glad I got out there. Zzzzz….