After about a month’s hiatus, I have finally taken my baby bump out for a run. The  cold here in New Jersey is of the bone-chilling variety. And I’ve only recently shaken my morning sickness at about 20 weeks.

Today was interesting. I’ve gone from running 8 miles to huffing and puffing through 2. I guess growing a human being inside your body will do that.

I walked the hills. I took it slow. Boring. But at least I got out there.

Not running has been killing me.  I miss it so much. Running is the thing that keeps me sane ordinarily and having to put my passion on a back burner while I nurture a baby is truly the biggest challenge of pregnancy thus far.

As far as my actual pavement pounding session today, my latest problem is that the baby is bumping up against my bladder with each stride I take.

Any suggestions running mamas?

Photo credit: Flickr