Angelcare Baby Monitor Recall

Over half a million Angelcare Baby Monitors are being recalled after two infants tragically died from strangulation. Two more babies became entangled with the cords attached to sensor pads that are placed under the crib mattress as part of the monitoring system but thankfully they are okay.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, if you own a Movement and Sound Baby Monitor made by Angelcare, you should stop using it immediately and contact the company for a repair kit. The kit will include a cord cover that prevents a baby from pulling the 11 foot cord connecting the sensor pad to the monitor into his crib.

Check the back of your baby monitor for the following model numbers: AC1100, AC201, AC300, AC401 AC601 and 49255. You would have purchased the monitor between October of 1999 and September of 2013. The Angelcare baby monitors were sold for between $100 and $300 by major retailers like Babies R Us/Toys R Us, Burlington Coat Factory, Meijer, Sears and Walmart and online on sites such as, and

If you have further questions about this recall or to contact Angelcare, call (855) 355-2643 or send them an email at You can also visit the company’s website for more information.

This recall is scary plain and simple. As a mom of a four-month-old I feel heartbroken for the parents of the two infants who died. Obviously they are living every parent’s worst, worst nightmare.

For me, this recall also underscores the importance of crib safety. Let’s take this as an opportunity to review our child’s sleep environment.

It’s essential to keep a baby’s crib free of any and all hazards. Simply placing a crib near a window with a blind cord can be a serious danger. Placing a stuffed animal in the crib can pose a suffocation risk.

Tonight look at your baby’s crib. Make sure it is safe. And spread the word about this dangerous baby monitor recall.

Do you or someone you know own one of these monitors?

Photo credit: CPSC

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One thought on “Angelcare Baby Monitor Recall

  1. I am so confused as to how this happened, because I have one of these monitors and the cords attached to the sensor pad aren’t even visible. I registered for it after reading a review about how it saved a baby’s life. Ironic, I guess. I wonder if those people whose babies were strangled installed it improperly or if they just had very determined babies with long arms?? It’s sad to hear about baby deaths, though. What a horrifying sight that would be.

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